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Psychiatry & Psychology (Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida)

In today’s competitive world, stress is turning out to be one of the biggest problems leading to depression. Stress in the long run leads to high BP, diabetes and auto immune disorders. Psychiatry & Psychology is science of treating disorders related to mind & human behavior. Our Psychologists efficiently focus extensively on psychotherapy to treat emotional & mental problems in patients with behavioral intervention. Psychiatrists & Psychologists treat patients with wide variety of emotional & mental health problems like mental illness, depression, anxiety & other psychological conditions through compassionate care and treatment.
The Department of Psychiatry at Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute offers comprehensive psychiatric evaluation for all age groups, management of mental illnesses with a multispecialty approach, team of highly trained, experienced Psychologists & specialist services such as Neuropsychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Memory Clinics, Liaison and Child Psychiatry.
The Department of Psychiatry has been set up with a mission to deal with the myriad problems of mental health. The disorders of the mind can become complicated and can adversely affect social behavior in patients. The team of Psychiatrists & Psychologists is cooperative with command over latest equipments & technology.

Our Services include

  • Psychological assessment
  • Neuropsychological treatment
  • Memory/ Intelligence
  • Psychotherapy / Behaviour Therapy
  • Cognitive /Behaviour Therapy
  • Counseling and Coaching

We understand that to seek a psychiatrist is really stressful & thoughtful; however our Psychologists make you comfortable & treat you with sensitivity, respect to meet your unique needs.

Various treatments in the form of psychoanalysis, therapy and medication provided here:

  • Child & adolescence problems
  • Post-Partum Depression
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Alcohol or substance dependence
  • Elderly problems

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Dr. Abhay Singh Tomar

Dr. Abhay Singh Tomar


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Dr. Abhay Singh Tomar


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