Internal Medicine/Physicians (Kailash Hospital, Khurja)

The department is managed by a large team of senior consultants who have pooled in their vast experience to reach the zenith in Internal Medicine. The fact that the Hospital has to run 3 parallel Medical OPDs in each shift is a testimony to the standard of care provided to the patients.

The Department of Internal Medicine is making a coordinated effort in meeting the challenges of bacterial resistance. While virtually any patient presenting with myocardial infraction will benefit from Aspirin and thrombotic therapy, there may not be a single best antibiotic for pneumonia. The physicians are thus gearing up to formulate an antibiotic policy for the hospital and adapt to the changing paradigm of internal medicine. Conscientious efforts are being made to shift from "Empirical based medicine to Evidence based medicine".

The department maintains high alertness in dealing with the seasonal infirmities and tropical calamities. Managing the patients admitted with Dengue and chikungunya during the recent outbreak of these viruses proved beyond doubt the capability and capacity of the Internal Medicine team of Kailash Hospital, Noida. The department treated more than 500 patients affected by these viruses with almost 100% success rate.

Department of Internal Medicine has been rendering social and community service in and around Noida on periodical basis. The primary aim is to detect chronic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and cancer. The camps are free of cost and provide a wake up call to a number of people.

Besides the social and community obligations, the department gives special emphasis to the health of the individuals. It is known that pressure at work saps down a lot of energy thus exposing to a number of ailments, which not only causes health problems to the executives but also a hindrance to the growth of their organizations.

Medical check-ups are a good gauge of personal health and fitness. Hence, the Department of Internal Medicine has designed various tailor made health check-up packages, which are comprehensive and cost effective. Check-ups are done on daily basis using state-of-art equipment and technology. Results are analyzed by Senior Consultants and professional advice, treatment and counseling provided on the same day, which gives utmost reassurance to the busy executives (Please Click here for more information Preventive Health Check-up packages).

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