Neurosurgery (Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida)

Neurosurgery is concerned with prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment & rehabilitation of patients with injury, diseases or disorders of the brain, spinal cord & spinal column, peripheral nerves within the body. The Neurosurgical care at Kailash Hospital includes both adult & pediatric patients.
Dependent upon the nature of the injury or disease a neurological surgeon may provide surgical or non-surgical treatment. Our Neurosurgeons are more than just brain surgeons, they are trained neurosurgical specialists who are efficient to help patients suffering neck & back pain as well as other illnesses ranging from trigeminal neuralgia to head injury.
Our Neurosurgeons specialize in various kinds of neurological surgery for comprehensive management of brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve diseases & disorders.

The service is divided by subspecialties, equipped by surgeons & clinicians with intensive expertise in an area of specialization. These areas include:

  • Brain tumors
  • Neurovascular diseases
  • Pituitary tumors / Neuroendocrine disorders
  • Cranial base diseases
  • Spine disorders
  • Peripheral Nerve Center
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery Center
  • Functional neurosurgery
  • Neurotrauma & Neurointensive care

Brain Tumor

We operate on all kinds of brain tumors located in eloquent (functionally important) brain areas. These are conducted on patients in anesthesia as well as conscious state. We are well equipped with all requisite latest gadgets & equipment to do the same.

Spinal Tumor

We are specialized in all kinds of spinal fixations & stabilizations for cervical, dorsal & lumbar spine. We have expertise in removing all types of spinal tumors within or outside the spinal cord.
Our Neurosurgeon conduct operations like VP shunt for hydrocephalus, lumber and cervical discs, spinal dysraphism and other cystic and degenerative brain and spine diseases.

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Dr. Hemant Kumar


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