Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics

Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics (Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Sector 71, Noida)

As our understanding of fetal environment and fetal physiology has improved the fetus is increasingly being considered an independent individual despite being inside the mother’s womb and fetal medicine speciality which addresses this “unborn patient”. Fetal medicine is relatively new and most rapidly evolving speciality. Increasing knowledge and technological advances in prenatal screening and diagnosis have improved our capability to detect problems (like congenital malformations, genetic syndromes, metabolic disorders etc) before birth and provide therapeutic interventions wherever possible so that more and more at risk couples are able to have unaffected child. Sensitive counseling where baby is affected helps in preparation of the family to optimize the management of the pregnancy and delivery of the fetus.

Realizing the importance of services, the department of Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics has been established at Kailash hospital & heart institute. Since the inception of the department, more than 4000 expectant mothers have benefitted from its services. The department has fully functional invasive procedure wing of Fetal Medicine & Genetics which first is of its kinds in Noida NCR.

Services provided under this department are :–

1. Early pregnancy scans

2. First trimester NT/ NB scans

3. First trimester combined screening

4. Anomaly scans (Level II)

5. Cervical screening with uterine artery Doppler

6. Fetal echocardiography

7. Fetal wellbeing scans

8. Multiple pregnancy scans

9. Invasive prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

  • CVS (Chorionic Villous Sampling)
  • Amniocentesis.
  • Fetal blood sampling
  • Fetal reduction
  • Amnioreduction
  • Intrauterine transfusion
  • Shunt procedures

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Dr. Shruti Jain

Dr. Shruti Jain


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Fetal Medicine



Dr. Shruti Jain


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