Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics

Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics (Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida)

Fetal medicine is the sub speciality of Obstetrics that deals with the baby inside the mother’s womb, the unborn patient. As our understanding of the fetal environment and fetal physiology has improved, we are detecting more & more problems in the unborn fetus.

Increased knowledge and technological advances in the prenatal screening and diagnosis, have improved our capability to detect problems (like congenital malformations, and genetic syndromes) before birth and provide therapeutic interventions and procedures.

Our Fetal Medicine specialists in Greater Noida provide prenatal care and counseling to parents that include information on the fetal health, potential risks during pregnancy and strategies to minimize their risks. This helps parents to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and ensure optimal health outcomes for their baby.

Team of Doctors

Dr. Gargi Sharma

Dr. Gargi Sharma

Consultant Fetal Medicine

Areas of Expertise:

Fetal Medicine


MS (Obs/Gynae), PDCC (Fetal Medicine)

Dr. Gargi Sharma

Consultant Fetal Medicine

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