Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Kailash Group of Hospitals is a dedicated specialty that involves correcting body deformities, improving appearance, and restoring function to certain parts of the body. The hospital is a renowned medical facility for International patients seeking top-quality Plastic Surgery services. The Department of Plastic Surgery is backed by a team of highly experienced & skilled Plastic Surgeons who employ a team approach and utilizes the latest techniques and scientific advancements to ensure the best possible outcomes for the International patients coming to India for healthcare services.

Reconstructive Surgery :

A vital aspect of Plastic Surgery involves restoring form and function to body parts that have been affected by congenital conditions, traumatic injuries or the excision of tumors. Congenital conditions like cleft lip and palate, hypospadias, hand anomalies, vaginal agenesis, ear deformities, and congenital bands can be corrected through Reconstructive Surgery. Traumatic injuries, such as post-burn deformities and maxillofacial deformities, can also be corrected through Reconstructive Surgery. Additionally, the hospital specializes in the surgical excision of cancer in various body parts, including the face, oral cavity, and breast.

Burn Treatment :

Burn treatment is another essential Plastic Surgery service provided by Kailash Hospital. The hospital has a well-equipped Burn Unit that is prepared to handle disaster management at short notice. The Burn Unit is supported by a Critical Care Unit and follows a team approach to treatment. The hospital employs the latest techniques in primary excision and wound coverage to ensure the best possible surgical treatment and early rehabilitation for burn patients.

Accidents :

Accidents caused by industrialization and vehicular growth often lead to skin loss and injuries to various body parts. The hospital is equipped to handle all such types of injuries efficiently and collaborates with other specialties to provide the best possible care to patients. Kailash Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that can handle even the most complex cases.

Micro-Surgery :

It is an advanced technique used in Plastic Surgery that allows for the re-implantation of amputated body parts like fingers, hands, and limbs. Free flap surgery is also possible with micro-surgery, and the hospital provides this technique to patients.

Laser Treatment :

Kailash Hospital also utilizes laser treatment for various conditions, thanks to scientific advancements in the field. The hospital intends to provide laser treatment to patients at an affordable cost.


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Over the years, Kailash has established itself as a leader in the multi-specialty facility in hospital industry and has grown to be a popular choice for patients from around the globe seeking medical care. Our international patient care department delivers seamless services that are customized to meet patient's medical needs.

We offer high-quality treatments at affordable prices compared to Western countries. For cost estimation please contact our International Patient Representative at +91 9711918451

Yes, we do assist international patients on travelling from the airport to the hospital. . Based on the patient's preference, we either give an air-conditioned car or an ambulance.

  • Cash payment
  • Debit/Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Wire Transfer and Bank Transfers

Our international patient representative will assist you with each of your requirements. Our services include facilities like assistance in visa extension, money exchange, accommodation booking in nearby hotels or guest houses, local SIM cards, and FRRO registration with the Local Authority.

Yes, follow-up consultations are an integral part of our patient care. The medical team at Kailash Hospital schedules follow-up appointments as needed.

Kindly take a medical opinion prior to your travel & appointment with our Doctor


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