Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery corrects body deformities. It has traditionally been classified into re-constructive and cosmetic surgery therapists

Reconstructive Surgery :

It restores form and function. The defect may be congenital, traumatic or due to excision of tumors.

  • Congenital - conditions like cleft lip and palate, hypospadias, hand anomalies, vaginal agenesis, ear deformities, congenital bands, etc.
  • trauma - problems of post burn deformities, maxillofacial deformities, etc.
  • Tumor Excision - Cancer excision of face, oral cavity, breast and other body parts.

Cosmetic Surgery :

he world is leaning towards youthful appearance. In the competitive society of modern era, physical appearance is considered as an asset for the individual. It has been seen that physically attractive personalities have an edge wherever they may go. The hospital undertakes Cosmetic Surgery in its right perspective.

The operations like face lifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy, liposuction, body contouring, abdominplasty, scar revision, facial wrinkles, moles, etc. are undertaken in the right earnest.

The various techniques of skin grafts, flaps, surgery, tissue expansion, microsurgery, etc. are done regularly by the Plastic Surgery Department at Kailash Hospital. It is generally believed that Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery can be afforded by only few. Kailash Hospital has been providing these services at a reasonable cost.

The urbanization and industrialization are causing accidents, which sometime deform the bodies and ruin careers and social life. The Plastic Surgery Department of the hospital is well equipped to deal with all types of trauma.

Burn :

The hospital has a well equipped Burn Unit. The department is equipped to tackle even disaster management at a short notice. It is supported by Critical Care Unit. The management is done by a team approach. The surgical treatment of providing primary excision and recent techniques of wound coverage and early rehabilitation are done in the best possible way.

Accidents :

The industrialization and vehicular growth often cause accidents leading to skin loss. The injuries of various body parts and skin loss are managed efficiently. treatment of this type of injury requires collaboration with other specialties also. Kailash Hospital being a multi specialists hospital is able to provide the best possible care to these patients.

Micro-Surgery : 

The advancements in micro-surgery has led to re-implantation of amputated body parts like fingers, hand and limps. The free flap surgery is also possible with micro-surgery. The hospital provides the technique to the patient.

Lasers :

Scientific advancements have led to laser treatment of various conditions. The Hospital intends to provide this treatment at affordable cost.